The Assessment Process:


Step 1

Get your free 30 minute consultation

The initial half hour assessment is free of charge and involves gaining some basic information.

A full biomechanical assessment is carried out. During this stage any anomalies will be explained and we will discuss whether orthotics will be beneficial to you.

  • 30 Minutes Free
  • Full Bio-Mechanical Assessment
  • Review All Options

Step 2

Temporary Orthotics Are Issued

If you decide to go ahead with further treatment you will need an hour and a half appointment. The cost of the appointment is £140 which covers this appointment and includes the follow up appointments.

During this appointment a temporary pair of orthotics is designed and a dynamic assessment is required (this involves going out for a short walk with Mrs Atkin to assess your gait). Upon returning an order for a full prescription is placed.

  • Temporary Orthotics Issued
  • Short Walk Testing
  • Full Prescription Placed

Step 3

Your Custom Orthotics Arrive

During this meeting it is advisable to bring along the footwear you intend to wear the orthotics in.

Once your orthotics have arrived you will be contacted to arrange a half hour appointment for collection. The orthotics may sometimes require a slight adjustment at this stage to fit your footwear, this is all done in house.

  • Custom Orthotics Arrive
  • Orthotics Test Fit
  • Any Adjustments Made

Step 4

Follow Up Appointment

After a week the follow up appointment is required to check the orthotics are still doing what they are supposed to.

Subtle changes can occur to your body at this stage as ligaments and tendons in the lower limb begin to stretch from the position they have been in up to the point of wearing orthotics.

  • Follow-Up Appointment
  • Functioning Tests
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Making Room For Adjustments:

Occasionally a leg length difference can take a while to show itself to its true position, however adjustments can be made to the orthotic to allow for this and eventually will become stable.

Sometimes further follow ups are needed however this is all included until your prescription stabilises.

Some medical insurance may cover your costs depending on your policy.