The feet are the foundation of the body. As the skeleton is an interconnecting structure, orthotics (shoe inserts/insoles) are used to correct the whole body by stabilising the feet. When the feet are out of alignment this can cause problems elsewhere in the body.

Some common conditions resulting in pain due to poor posture:


Ball of the foot (excess callous and corns from uneven foot pressure), neuromas (trapped nerves), plantar fasciitis (over stretched band of fascia in the sole), over pronation.


Knee pain due to the patellae not sitting in the correct position.


Excess lordosis (seen in the hollow of the back due to an imbalance in the pelvis), scoliosis (a sideway curve in the spine commonly due to a leg length difference).


Excess kyphosis (rounded shoulders due to poor posture), neck pain.

By wearing orthotics the body is in balance allowing all the joints and muscles to work more effectively and lessen the impact of damage which can occur over a lifetime.

Are You Suffering From:



Your bespoke orthotic is made using a polypropylene shell providing strength and yet the orthotics flex with every step providing very comfortable support.


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Yearly Review

Although your orthotics are built to last for life they will begin to wear with time and so we recommend a yearly review and inspection to be sure that your orthotics are doing the job they were built to do!


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What Are Orthotics?


Orthotics are made up of an internal shell and heel postings which are tailored to your own prescription depending on the results of your assessment. A choice of top covers is available to choose from.

The orthotics we use are made by a trusted UK company Sub-4 Health and come with a 12 month guarantee. Your bespoke orthotic shell is made from polypropylene providing strength and yet the orthotics flex with every step providing very comfortable support.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of a complete and bespoke pair of orthotics is £260 and the manufacturer guarantees the shell of the orthotic for 12 months against breakage and loss of shape.
The posting and covers will wear in time (depending on lifestyle) and eventually these will need refurbishing, the orthotics are sent to the lab and returned looking like new.

We Do Offer An Alternative:

We also offer a lower cost off the shelf alternative for patients who don’t want to fully commit to bespoke orthotics but would like the option of trying a more cost effective solution to addressing your problems. This option can be discussed during your free assessment appointment, if you would prefer this, you can make a half hour review appointment with us where we can go through your options and we will order a suitable pair of off the shelf insoles for you.